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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dive 4: Playa Chica, Puerto del Carmen - 29/4/2009

In the last training dive, I fared much better with the 8kg weight belt. We swam in a different direction than the visit to Charlie, starting from the jetty again so I could practice a different type of entry. I had really just one set of skills left to practice, the tired diver tow, so until the end, it was really just like a normal dive.

We swam along the sand and reached the top of the reef as we neared 18m. As usual, the little fish wondered what we were. The catfish and the cuddlefish avoided us in their usual nonchalant way. Perhaps the morning’s cuddlefish warned his pals about me.

We followed the reef along and then headed back toward Playa Chica to finish the skills. I had to tow Peter some distance in the water. Him being considerably larger than me meant it would take some time. Unlike the pool sessions, I only had to do one type of tow.

With the end of training dive 4, I finished the PADI open water course and was officially a qualified diver. When we returned to the shop to put gear away and do the rest of the paperwork, Brian returned from his morning dive. Peter gave Brian a lecture about the importance of being a good diving buddy, which was probably about 50% seriousness and 50% entertainment on his part. They also had an odd bullshitty conversation about aikido, which was a bit beyond my attention span. Brian had the afternoon off, too, because they didn’t have enough people booked for the scheduled boat dive. They didn’t have anyone other than Brian so instead he and Simon did two dives in the morning.

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