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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dive 2: Playa Chica, Puerto del Carmen - 28/4/2009

The debrief from dive 1 didn’t last very long. While the sun was out, it was reasonably warm, but that wasn’t during our surface interval. Training dive 2 had more skills than training dive 1, and a bit more depth, too. I swapped tanks, adjusted the position a bit down so I stopped whacking my head into the valve behind me, and Peter talked me through the list of skills that I needed to demonstrate that I would promptly forget. He went through the hand signals and motions for them so that I would understand when he reminded me underwater. He also borrowed a 1kg weight and put it in my pocket. With the extra weight, I could sit on the bottom when necessary and have some more practice using the BCD for buoyancy.

Skills included more mask flooding, hovers, cramp removal and some other similar things. Skills done, we wandered down to about 12m exploring more of the rock pile boundary of Playa Chica. In addition to the cuttlefish, I saw catfish, flounder (flounder swim funny – on their sides so they look a lot like a tiny version of a stingray), rock fish, seabreams, and more. My favourites for colouring were the black and blue ones. My favourites for their perpetual grumpy expressions were the cuttlefish and rockfish.

Training dive 2 ended much the same as training dive 1 with a long slog from the beach up to the van.

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