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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amy Led Us Astray - 3/1/2009

This winter has been a good one for hibernation, though we have managed to get out a few times. After my family left for home, we visited Amy and Bram in Fife. Amy wanted to go for a bike ride, work on the cottage and go snowboarding all in the same weekend. We managed two of the three, not bad, but sadly the snowboarding got punted to another weekend because the cycling made Brian's knee go ping.

The cycle was a mixture of on and off road, starting at the Cottage of Doom and wandering uphill to the forest tracks nearby. Officially it was Bram who led us astray, choosing the forest track downhill, but it was Amy who led us into the pastures. Brian's knee went ping as we bounced across the first frozen pasture. The sheep were not pleased to see us and eventually made a grumpy show of running away. Eventually we cycled/hiked across to meet up with the road again. Unfortunately, we were far enough away that Brian's knee would have to cope with finishing the ride in some form.

The roads led us to official cycle paths at Strathmiglo. We climbed another hill with Brian's knee protesting and cycled through more forest tracks to arrive at the joy that is the Pillars of Hercules organic farm and cafe.

A stop at the cafe meant cycling home in the dark. Good fortune that I brought my lights, because no one else had planned that far ahead. I led with the headlight and I think Bram brought up the rear with the back light. In between, nothing. Brian said he stayed as close as he could because he couldn't see anything otherwise.

Much to Amy's dismay, we slowly backed out of the snowboarding trip. It didn't seem sensible for Brian to make his knee worse and I didn't feel right dragging him up north only to sit him in the lodge all day. Another time.

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