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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pentlands Run - 27/7/2008

The compromise for Saturday spent shopping was mandatory fun on Sunday. No scary Ikea, no epic gumtree scrolling. After morning bike faff drifted into early afternoon bike faff, including an exploded old tyre tube in Brian's bike, we managed to get organised and out the door. From Slateford either the Union Canal or Water of Leith walkway is a good starting point. We decided Water of Leith out, canal back. Good choice -- it's more mountain bikey from the start. Yes, there are walkers to dodge, but the canal path is far more challenging for those hazards.

Neil helped end bike faff and then we headed out the door, entering the official park by way of the evil Currie Hill. I made it all the way to the top this time, though to be fair my back wasn't very pleased about it. It's a long climb and therefore a long time to be scrunched on a bike. Even with a few standing climbs to break it up.

Soon into the park, fire roads can be parallelled by occasionally squidgy single track. I had no hope of keeping up with the boys but enjoyed the twists and turns plenty on my own. Neil photographaffed as well, which broke up their waits. Combination of the epic shop and the long slog up to the park, I didn't have much endurance once we got there. When we finished the singletrack bits, I asked to be directed toward the pub within the next half hour. That was the plan anyway -- I don't think the route was shortened -- and we cycled across to Balerno and then back to Currie in search of pub. Brian led the way and we enjoyed our juice on their pseudo-patio setup outside.

It had been over a year since I had seen that part of the Pentlands. Only other escape was a short run ages ago that was too much too soon. Must make a habit of heading up that way more often, especially now that it's so close to home.

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