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Monday, April 21, 2008

Historic Scotland free weekend - 13/4/2008

The day after Kathryn and George got married, Brian and I took a leisurely start to the day and headed north to Stirling Castle. Historic Scotland had their annual free weekend, so we got in for free just in time for a guided tour. The tour lasted about half an hour and told us many things about Stirling's history and importance, most of which I forgot. I do remember that Stirling Castle figures importantly into Scotland's history for centuries and it used to all be a golden colour, not just the Great Hall. We left constructive but not overly positive comments about the cafe on our way out. Next stop was Blackness Castle, since our last visit was less than dry. In terms of running around like a five year old, Blackness Castle was far more fun than Stirling Castle. Brian and I played tag, otherwise known as who can annoy the other one more.

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At 22 April, 2008 01:55, Blogger Super Babe said...

LOL on "tag" -- I like that definition! :)


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