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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Abridged Forth - 10/2/2008

After how many months, I finally got around to having a housewarming on the Saturday and that was good fun. Sunday was a bit of a late start, but that's what weekends are for. We decided to cycle toward Cramond and South Queensferry, and decide which way to go when the decision presented itself. After a brief glimpse of the Shetland ponies, we headed toward South Queensferry and then across the Forth Road Bridge. Brian tried to hide the Forth Rail Bridge from my view, but I found it anyway. He had some work to do to hide it better.

The other side of the FRB has a treat just up the stairs. The best playground ride ever. I wrote about it here a year and a half ago. I was happy to be fit to play there again. We shot some video with my little camera. Mostly Brian was the subject since I think the camera mystifies him still.

We returned to South Queensferry for a hotel pub meal, which was great for accommodating me when none of their menu options would work. After a good climb up the hill heading back toward Edinburgh, my half centimetre thick, Kevlar reinforced tyre found a thorn that passed through all of that to puncture my tube. Then we realised that the pump that fits my funny tyres was back in Edinburgh. A mile walk later, we were at the Dalmeny train station waiting for our ride home. Next time, we'll check the supplies to make sure the pump is there. The time after that, we'll probably forget it again.

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