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Thursday, September 21, 2006

London and the British International Motor Show – 21/7/2006 – 23/7/2006

Work sent me to London for a reception for my summer student. That event coincided with the British International Motor Show, which meant one very important thing: MINIs. Lots and Lots of MINIs.

The motor show was held at the Excel Centre in East London. The show was large enough that they had two entrances set up. Pre-paid tickets got off the train at the first stop. Latecomers like me who needed to buy tickets got off the train at the second stop. Turns out MINILand was in a special area along with the rest of the BMWs at the first entrance. I went in by way of SUV Adventureland, so found the MINIs kind of last. Probably seeing the rest of the show first was not a bad thing in general, as I spent well over an hour ogling and trying on MINIs. And plotting how I could adopt another one.


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